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Good morning:

Let me first thank the Conference Organisers for the opportunity to be here to address this important gathering.

I was in Orlando earlier this summer for the Governor's Hurricane Conference, and I am very happy to be back in the wonderful state of Florida, also fondly known as the Sunshine State.

I'd like to acknowledge my fellow speakers:

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All public schools and pre-schools are expected to be opened tomorrow.
In areas where there have been electricity outages, Belco had been working hard to resolve the situation.
But the Department of Education expects students and teachers to report to their respective schools as per normal in the morning.
The Ministry of Education will advise further should there is any change to this status.

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Community Health Services would like to advise the public that Warwick Community Centre is currently without power so will not be running its 1.45pm child health clinic this afternoon.

The Hamilton Health Centre at Victoria Street will be fully operational this afternoon and will run its usual child health and maternal health clinics as scheduled at 1.45pm.

Community Health Services apologizes in advance for any inconvenience regarding the closure of the Warwick Community Centre and hopes to resume normal service as soon as possible.

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The public is advised that, in the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin, all Community Education and Development Programme classes will be cancelled this evening.

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The Department of Waste Management, Ministry of Public Works, today requested that all West End residents refrain from putting out their trash until Thursday as there will be no West End trash collection today. Trash collection will operate as normal for the West End as of Thursday.

Meanwhile East End trash collection has not been disrupted and will operate as normal on Tuesday.

Members of the public can also drop off their trash today at the Tyne's Bay Facility which is open until 6pm.

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EMO update:
The Causeway is now open with a one way system in place.


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Pending a more detailed inspection of a specific area, the causeway will be opened with a one way system presently. Once structural engineers have completed this further assessment an advisory will be issued. 
All major roads around Bermuda have been cleared of large debris. Care and caution should still be taken by motorists moving about the Island. Men and women from the security services are at work across the island and the public is urged to exercise extra care in areas where this work is underway. 

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Public Works has confirmed the Causeway is still closed and will remain closed until a full assessment has been completed. 


Every effort is being made to open the Causeway however in the interest of public safety the full assessment must be completed. Motorists and residents are asked for their patience while this important work is carried out. 


We will continue to keep the public advised as we receive updates.

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BELCO have reported the following outages:


Central parishes - 6,897

Eastern parishes - 3,135

Western parishes - 5,348


Total number of residents without power - 15,380


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6am observations around the island are as follows:
Airport: Southwest 36 gust 48 knots
RCC BDA Radio: Southwest 37 gust 50 knots
Crescent buoy: Southwest 42 gust 51 knots
Current position of Hurricane Joaquin (75knots or category 1) is 110 nautical miles to the north, moving away north-northeast at 11 knots.
Cessation of TS Force winds over the island is 11am this morning
Cessation of TS Force winds over the marine area is 12 noon
Only occasional gusts to storm force (48 knots +) are expected over the next hour or two.
No concern for hurricane force winds.
A Tropical Storm Warning remains in place this morning.  With winds currently expected to subside later this morning, the Tropical Storm Warning is likely to be dropped by midday, when it will be replaced by a Small Craft Warning for strong winds (20 knots or more) and rough seas (9ft or more).

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